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Supplier Enrollment

How long will it take to be set up after I submit my information? 

Please allow up to three business days to complete the enrollment process once you submit your enrollment form.

During enrollment, I am asked for my CMG contact. What do I do if I don’t have one?

 If you have not been asked to enroll by a CMG contact, you should submit your interest in being a CMG supplier via email to .

I was successfully enrolled, now what do I do? 

Once you are successfully enrolled, you should check with your CMG Contact or Procurement to determine if a Purchase Order is required before beginning work on behalf of CMG.

Purchase Orders

Are Purchase Orders (POs) required? 

Purchase orders are required for all capital projects. For all other goods or services, please work with your CMG contact or Procurement to determine if a PO is required. 


Where do I send my invoice?

  • By email - Send invoices to . If sending by email, please follow all content and format requirements in the New Supplier Letter.
  • By mail – Send invoices to {Property Name}, PO Box 105376, Atlanta, GA 30348
  • Please DO NOT email and mail an invoice. Choose one method only.
  • Invoices should only be sent to Accounts Payable – please DO NOT send additional copies to your CMG contact

When can I send my invoice?

Typically, we would expect to receive your invoice after CMG has received the goods or services.

What information should I include on my invoice to help prevent delays?

Please make sure your invoice is accurate and complete. A few tips to keep in mind:  

  • Send invoices after CMG has received the goods or services
  • Reference CMG's Purchase Order (PO) number on the invoice.  If a PO is not required, include the CMG contact’s name in the Purchase Order field.
  • Ensure invoice information matches information on the PO, such as ‘Bill-to’ & ‘Ship-to’ locations, item description, price, and currency.
  • Ensure the invoice date is not in the future and it reflects the date services were rendered and not the first quote date.

Note: Incomplete invoices will be returned. We will send you an email if a revised invoice is required. Payment will be delayed if the invoice is sent to the market location or directly to your CMG contact. Once we receive your invoice, we will ensure that the CMG requester will be able to review a copy of the invoice.

How can I check my invoice status?

Email or call us at 678-645-4171. Invoice Inquiries are typically returned up to two business days after inquiry. Please submit inquiries only if agreed upon payment terms have passed. 


How will my invoice be paid? 

We pay suppliers by direct deposit. Please ensure that you provide correct banking details when you enroll. When payment is issued, a remittance advice will be sent to the email address provided at enrollment.

When will my invoice be paid?

CMG’s standard payment terms are Net 45 from date of invoice. However, you may choose to receive your payment sooner by offering a discount. CMG’s preferred method of payment is direct deposit (ACH). Please ensure you provide correct banking details when you complete the New Supplier/Change Info Request Form. 

How do I update my company/banking information?

If you need to update any of your information at any time, submit the New Supplier/Change Info Request Form. Select the Modification/Change Request box at the top of the form and complete the section(s) that apply.