Cox Media Group Calls on DISH to Air the Big Game on its Channels

Atlanta, Ga. – Cox Media Group today released the following statement:

For several weeks, DISH has chosen not to negotiate reasonably with us and to remove many Cox Media Group stations from their channel line-up. Today’s big football game is a national cultural moment that transcends business disputes. As such, we will waive any retransmission or other fees to DISH associated with broadcasting the game and we implore DISH to take us up on our offer and not continue to hold you, their customers, hostage.

Despite our best efforts to resolve the situation, DISH has been refusing to put forth reasonable offers. We have agreements in place with every other major cable and satellite provider in the country where our award winning channels are available. Yet DISH continues to prevent its customers from watching our popular news, entertainment and sports programs in order to seek a deep discount below market rates.

We hope they take us up on our offer for this game and not allow their greed to deprive Americans of the highest television moment of the year. Please call 800-333-3474 to tell DISH that you want your channels back on the air for good!