Cox Media Group Calls on DISH to Bring Back Popular Programming and Stop Spreading Misinformation to Customers

Atlanta, Ga. – DISH continues to black out multiple CMG TV stations across the country, despite CMG’s best efforts to reach a deal. CMG has reached reasonable and amicable agreements with all other major cable and satellite providers to carry local CMG TV stations across the country, serving millions of Americans.

“DISH is notoriously greedy, unreasonable, and difficult to deal with in retransmission consent negotiations. DISH is trying to underpay for our award-winning programming so it can boost its own profits. Despite all of its bluster, I doubt that DISH customers will ever see any savings for them,” said Kim Guthrie, CEO of Cox Media Group. “Let me be very clear – it was 100% DISH’s decision to remove our TV stations from its service. CMG won’t be bullied into submitting to DISH’s below-market compensation demands which would harm our ability to continue to produce our award-winning programming. Our viewers are our top priority and we regret they have been harmed by DISH’s scorched earth approach.”

CMG has repeatedly extended its contract with DISH and has been negotiating intensively in good faith. CMG has made numerous offers with reasonable terms, but DISH has refused to respond with a single serious proposal. DISH has made it clear it would rather blackout CMG’s programming than engage in earnest to come to a fair deal with CMG. In order to distract from its own destructive business tactics, DISH has also recently made the false claim that representatives from Apollo Global Management are leading these negotiations.

It is CMG that continues to lead negotiations in earnest with DISH and remains committed to resolve this dispute. “We remain willing to negotiate in good faith and we sincerely hope DISH will stop this tired PR campaign and get serious about reaching a fair and long-term agreement with our stations and restoring our valuable programming for our viewers in the communities we serve,” says Guthrie.

If you are disappointed and frustrated by DISH’s decision to deprive you of local programming, please make your voice heard. Call DISH today at 1-800-333-3474 and urge them to engage with CMG in good faith to get your local programming back on their service as quickly as possible.

About Cox Media Group
Cox Media Group (“CMG”) is an industry-leading media company with best-in-class brands, award winning content, and exceptional people. The new CMG was built in December 2019 when private equity funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, Inc. acquired the television assets of Northwest Broadcasting through the acquisition of NBI Holdings, LLC, which subsequently acquired certain television, radio, newspaper and other media assets of Cox Enterprises, Inc. and its affiliates. CMG provides valuable local content to diverse audiences in the communities it serves.

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