Cox Media Group Launches New Analytics Tool for Broadcast Radio

ATLANTA – Cox Media Group (CMG) today announced the launch of Cox Analytics for Broadcast, a robust insights platform for radio advertisers. Through rich audience data and insights, this new solution helps advertisers target active consumers in their product category and track the effectiveness of their campaigns through detailed analysis of their website traffic.

“Cox Analytics for Broadcast leverages robust data streams to provide powerful insights to our radio advertisers – resulting in more informed, calculated marketing decisions for our clients,” said Tim Clarke, Vice President, Audience & Content. “We’ve developed a program to combine over the air audiences, social media audiences, first-party data and advertiser schedules to better understand the consumer actions influenced by radio advertisements.”

Data has always been used in the broadcast industry to determine results, and by leveraging the power of social media to identify these insights, CMG can tap into its massive digital audience – matching offline to online audiences.  Results are collected by combing listener data with social audiences, leading to a clearly defined, hyper-specific audience for radio advertisers to target. These numbers are then generated through a custom dashboard, which allows advertisers to improve performance and understand what is driving their results.

“These new capabilities will transform the way our clients target consumers and advertise with our radio platforms. Through Cox Analytics for Broadcast, we can measure the effectiveness of these audience segments, attribute actions taken by consumers and provide insightful research and data to reach ROI and help meet our clients’ goals,” said Katie Reid, Executive Director of Revenue.

Cox Media Group reaches more than 15 million listeners weekly, streaming over the air, online, through station apps and aggregator platforms. The company’s radio division operates 60+ radio stations in six states, including Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and New York.

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