The Problem

Anthony’s, a 119 year old retail clothing business in West Palm Beach had been a traditional advertiser with The Post, with a consistent marketing strategy for their family-owned brand. With their traditional target demos aging beyond the brand and a newer generation as the target, they wanted to move in to the digital e-commerce space with a new website, but didn’t know where to begin the process.

The Process

After their annual manager’s meeting at The Post, the Post team when through a discovery and brainstorming process and determined a strategy was needed to continue to grow the business in the 13 Florida locations and to increase brand awareness. The Post team conducted several client education sessions about their integrated capabilities and all they ways they could help beyond traditional print media.

The Plan

Key to the plan was conducting a Branding Workshop which laid the foundation upon which to build an integrated branding marketing strategy. This brand strategy permeated every aspect of their business, from building a new website, traditional media, updated store fronts and an email campaign strategy.


The result of the launch of the new website brought in 1,738 new email subscribers. They also saw a lift in the # of unique visitors from 4,206 to 5,677, a 35% increase. They are already reaping the benefits of their reimagined Anthony’s brand!

I am getting positive feedback from all our store managers about the new look of the ads and eblasts, they are loving it and that is great news! I am thrilled.

Judy Pollis-Pait, Anthony’s Stores’ Manager and buyer for 13 years.