Rare Declares Its Independence from the Traditional Conservative


WASHINGTON, DC – July 2, 2014 – In celebration of the July 4 holiday, Rare (www.rare.us) declares its independence from traditional conservative websites as online visits soar to 8.5 million in June, the highest since the site launched in April 2013.  Additionally, the Rare family of Facebook sites have garnered 1.6 million likes from loyal followers.   

“This monumental growth is being driven by the issues that matter most to Americans — issues found only on Rare — and by audience engagement, indicating that Rare is more of a viral news site for the modern conservative,” said Rare Publisher Leon Levitt.  “Americans today are at a political crossroads, and traditional two-party politics are failing to hold the allure they once had.  Citizens are casting votes based on issues rather than along strict party lines.”
Rare’s fireworks continued with monthly visits growing 790 percent since January. Based on this escalating pace, Rare.us expects to end 2014 with 15 million visits. 

Levitt added that Rare’s younger, 40 and under audience has fewer of the hang ups that have defined the country’s political divisions over the last decades. Rare’s readers embrace individual freedoms — to love whom they choose, worship how they please and generally pursue happiness without snooping or paternalism by our government. When Rare launched, this kind of common sense conservatism in media was, well, rare. Rare.us’ phenomenal growth indicates there’s a need for an uplifting, grassroots and unorthodox approach to news.   

About Rare
Rare.us, a Cox Media Group property, is a practical, positive news and entertainment platform that highlights how conservative thinking makes everyday life better.  Follow Rare on Twitter @rare and Facebook Http://www.facebook.com/rare.