Rare.us Under-40 Poll New Research Findings – Millennials Perspective On Race, Police Brutality, Same-Sex Marriage and Other Hot Button Issues


ATLANTA – June 3, 2015 –  In an exclusive Rare.us Under-40 Poll released Monday, research shows that young Americans are more pessimistic about the future of the country, but most think they’re better off than eight years ago. Who’s to blame for their pessimism? Depends on who you ask. One-third of young Americans are unsure, one-third blame Democrats, and one-third blame Republicans.

On racial progress, the majority of Americans agree the country has a problem with racism. Most millennials are against racial profiling by police—but they generally trust the police to do the right thing, even against the backdrop of recent unrest in cities like Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore.

Polling also revealed surprising results on what young people fear most. Unlike their elders, they’re far more likely to fear being electronically hacked than nuclear war or foreign powers such as ISIS.

“This is a fascinating time. Voters under 40 are going to play a huge role in what the media pays attention to in the next election and in how our culture evolves over the next few years,” said Leon Levitt, Vice President for Audience Strategy, Cox Media Group and publisher of Rare. “We were able to highlight where younger and older generations differ on big issues. That’s where it gets really interesting—where there’ll be fireworks. And Rare is fast becoming the authoritative voice for this emerging generation.”


Regarding the polling results, Doug Kaplan, Managing Partner, Gravis Marketing commented, “On some of the core issues, a generational divide exists. Younger people tend to be more-open minded, however they really have some distinct feelings on key social issues. We must pay attention to their voice because of their spending and political power.”

This Rare survey was conducted by Gravis Insights between April 27 and May 5. A total of 2,261 registered voters of all ages were interviewed about several issues using landlines, cellphones and Internet panels. Overall,

the poll has a margin of error of ±2 percentage points and was weighted by select demographic characteristics. 

For more insight, Rare Political Editor Jack Hunter (jack@rare.us) is available for broadcast or press interviews.

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